When you looked 

At her face,

Aged over the years 

Of hard work.

You could see 

That despite

Her frailness now

She was a strong woman

And still is today.

With so much love 

In her eyes. 

Just like you.

I know it’s hard

When you’re unable 

To help,

But you’re strong too.

And I know 

That I will feel

What you feel

One day. 

I’ll be strong,

With love in my eyes

Just like you.

Maili Charlotte ©



The beauty of life

Leaves us all in awe

From time to time

Unsure of what to do

Or what to make of it all.

Sound that goes

Right through

Bodies, radiating energy.

A whisper in a students ear.

So much passion

So much care.

She shed a few tears

Just thinking,

Mind fixed upon

Little details.

Little details

That truly mean so much.

Like that afternoon

In early Spring

That played over

and over again

In my mind.

As many memories do.

Maili Charlotte ©

The week was full

Of laughter and loss

I spent a lot

Of time

Just trying to

Figure things out,

Thinking late

Into the night.

I’m surprised

That this

Didn’t result

In saying

“Good morning”

In the middle

Of the day,

Like you do.

Not that there is

Anything wrong

With that.

Makes me think

Of summers past

When 1 pm

Was morning

And 5 am

was goodnight,

After walking in

What would have been

The morning sun.

Standing on the

Yellow lines

Dead center

In the

Dead street

So peaceful


Maili Charlotte ©

My boot heels sank

Into the sand.

The tide out so far,


Ebbing and flowing.

I listened as I spun


Around and around

Faster and faster.

So carefree

With eyes closed

I fell to the ground

With fits of laughter

And dizziness.

Laying on my back

By the ocean

Like a true Piscean.

Breathing salty

Fresh air.

You lay beside me

Hold my hand.

We are lovers

By the sea.

Run with me

Over lines on sand.

Left by ebb

Left by flow

Lay here beside me

On this peaceful

February night.

Maili Charlotte ©

Can we go

Some place far,

Some place


Where the stars

Are brilliant.

Can we go

some place quiet,

Some place


Where the only

Sounds are natural.

Waves and your


Can we go

Some place


With cameras

And the easel.

Can we go…

Maili Charlotte ©


Potential is there,

Always has been.

Self realization

Was the key

To happiness,

To success.

Dreams followed

Without giving in

To distractions

Like the feeling

Of not being

Good enough

Or the need to

Please others.

The ones

Who judge,

Who criticize

Are the ones

Who have no

Place on the path

To happiness.

Maili Charlotte ©